Celebrate AEFL Week With COABE!

National Adult Education and Family Literacy Week (AEFL Week) will take place September 19-25th, 2021. Our goal is to raise the visibility of Adult Education and celebrate the success of our adult learners and programs nationwide. We also hope to increase local, state, and federal funding that our field desperately needs to offset the impact of COVID-19. There are numerous ways that your organization can lead and participate in these national efforts.

Marketing and Outreach Resources

Feature a Customized AEFL Week Web Banner
You can download marketing collateral or request that COABE create a custom AEFL Week web banner with your logo that can be displayed on your website to showcase your support of AEFL Week! Email aefl@coabe.org to request your custom web banner, and please be sure to attach a copy of your company’s logo.

Feature AEFL Week in Your Newsletter
We’ll provide the article and graphics if you’ll provide us with space in your newsletter to promote AEFL Week. Stay tuned for the email, which will be provided shortly.

Send an AEFL Press Release
COABE has prepared a press release about AEFL week. Download a template, and enter your information where indicated. Then share the press release to let others know what your organization is doing to celebrate AEFL week.

Share the Tweet Deck and Social Media Graphics
The ROI on social media is undeniable, as you can see by viewing a few short slides. With this in mind, we have created tweets that your association is welcome to use and tweak as you see fit that can be viewed here. You can also share graphics on your favorite social media platforms. Visit our social media page to download images.

State Association Resources

Join the Advocacy for All Webinar
“Advocacy for All During Adult Ed and Family Literacy Week”
Tuesday, August 31st from 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm Eastern
Presented by Sharon Bonney and Regina Suitt – Register

State Competition
Send us a short video or picture(s) that we can include in our AEFL Week culmination video. Participating associations will be entered into a drawing where the president of your association can win a free conference registration. View the video guidelines.

State Teams
How is the formation of you state team coming along? As you may recall, COABE has a new State Advocate for Adult Education Fellow that is available to meet with you and your state association team when you meet with legislators. We recommend including a local program administrator, teacher, and adult learner in your meetings with your governor and senators. Email advocacy@coabe.org for more info.

Board Mentor
Your association can request a board mentor which can be either a State Advocate for Adult Education Fellow or a COABE Board Member. Contact advocacy@coabe.org to request support! You are also welcome to review the Toolkit for State Leaders as you plan your meetings.

Legislative Resources

National Adult Education and Family Literacy Week Proclamation
Ask your governor to issue a proclamation for National Adult Education and Family Literacy Week! Click here for a sample proclamation.

Schedule Meetings With Legislators
COABE offers three resources to assist you in your efforts to schedule legislative meetings:
  1. You can use the Ignite software (3 Click Quick Fire Ignite)
  2. We also recommend sending an email directly to the education staffer and the scheduler (email addresses available here)
  3. You may also wish to use the legislative lookup feature
Log Your Meetings and Share Feedback
Please let us know when you have scheduled your confirmed meetings by filling out this form. Following the meetings, we’ll want to hear how they went, so please share your notes here.